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How I Homeschool

man holding molting crawfish

We found a crawfish when we were hiking. It just molted.

Homeschooling means that you have school at home. Your mom teaches you different things with math books. I learn by sounding out and looking at the pictures. Now I’m just really good at reading.

Go to a museum called the Historical Society because you can see lots of bones about different things that lived in the past. I just like going to museums to see all over the world what it was like in the past.

Sometimes I watch nature shows that teach me about the world. I go outside and make discoveries. I like taking hikes, it’s also a good use of energy.

I just like homeschooling a lot.


Lil’s Math Flashcards

child making flashcardsMama printed them out and we cutted them and I use them to do math. And I do the pluses or minuses. Like eight take away five is three.

Lil’s Number Line

homemade number line

First thing of our number line, we put a line and then we put little dots and then we put numbers and then we use it for doing math better. To put your finger on the one and then go up to ten and then you have eleven.

We do take away. Like put your finger on five and then go down one and you have four. Five take away one is four.