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The Chicken In The Snow

child-drawn comic about a backyard chicken


Book Report: Chicken Feathers by Joy Cowley

It’s about a chicken that only talks to a boy that’s her owner. Their names are Semolina and Josh.

The fox bit her and took her away, but she pecked the fox in the paw. And he hustled off bleeding.

Josh’s mother has a baby at the very end. And Semolina was drinking brew and she spoke.

I thought that it was great because it’s very silly. And she says “shut your beak!”


birds in the backyard in ice storm

We see birds outside. There’s a house finch and chickadee and cardinal and sparrow and junco.

bird chart

We made a chart to remember the birds. Every day we mark off the birds that we see. We have the most of the cardinal.

I like that they are pretty and the pretty colors.