Lil at The Wilds

I went to the Wilds yesterday. I went with Gram and Tompa and Mom and Dad because I like to see all the African animals.

rhino at wilds

In Africa, they killed the rhinoceroses to get their horns. These rhinoceroses are in captivity.
lil at the wilds

This is me. I’m the author of this blog.


These Bactrian camels are shedding their fur because it is spring now.


One of the Persian Onagers are pregnant.


The numbers of the onagers help keep track of them and help keep track of how old they are.

barn swallow nest

The barn swallow right here was having its babies. It’s an American species.


This giraffe came from Africa. You can tell them apart from female and male because the males are usually a little darker. They can run really fast.

Now, if you ever go to the Wilds, be sure to be safe and stay in the truck. And you can take pictures of the animals too. It was a great trip and it was great talking with you guys, so bye!

PS. I took these pictures myself except for the rhino, the giraffe, and the one of me. Mama took those.


Building a Wren House

Book Report: Chicken Feathers by Joy Cowley

It’s about a chicken that only talks to a boy that’s her owner. Their names are Semolina and Josh.

The fox bit her and took her away, but she pecked the fox in the paw. And he hustled off bleeding.

Josh’s mother has a baby at the very end. And Semolina was drinking brew and she spoke.

I thought that it was great because it’s very silly. And she says “shut your beak!”

Little House on the Prairie

Little House on the Prairie is great. So there’s this family and they wanted to move to a different country in Indian land. They moved there and one day on the newspaper report it said that the army is coming to take away the white people to a different country. There were war cries. Mary had a red dress and Laura had a blue dress. Mary and Laura ate their corn cakes for lunch. There’s their mom and their dad and they ride in a wagon and they build a house and they make a bed and they make a rocking chair for Baby Carrie.

I think other kids should read it because it’s great.

What I think about nothing

Way before anything was alive, everything was scrunched up in a big ball and then it expanded in two thousand hundred million two hundred thousand million years.

(Lil said there’s no picture with this, just blank white, because everything was just blank white.)


birds in the backyard in ice storm

We see birds outside. There’s a house finch and chickadee and cardinal and sparrow and junco.

bird chart

We made a chart to remember the birds. Every day we mark off the birds that we see. We have the most of the cardinal.

I like that they are pretty and the pretty colors.

Danny the Champion of the World Book Review

danny the champion of the world buy from amazonDanny the Champion of the World is great. I like that he learns how to catch pheasants. I got Danny the Champion of the World at the library. I really liked Danny the Champion of the world. I like it because his father was so nice in the book.

I’ll go for ten out of ten stars.

Lil’s Math Flashcards

child making flashcardsMama printed them out and we cutted them and I use them to do math. And I do the pluses or minuses. Like eight take away five is three.

Lil’s Number Line

homemade number line

First thing of our number line, we put a line and then we put little dots and then we put numbers and then we use it for doing math better. To put your finger on the one and then go up to ten and then you have eleven.

We do take away. Like put your finger on five and then go down one and you have four. Five take away one is four.

My Chickens