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Book Report: Chicken Feathers by Joy Cowley

It’s about a chicken that only talks to a boy that’s her owner. Their names are Semolina and Josh.

The fox bit her and took her away, but she pecked the fox in the paw. And he hustled off bleeding.

Josh’s mother has a baby at the very end. And Semolina was drinking brew and she spoke.

I thought that it was great because it’s very silly. And she says “shut your beak!”


Little House on the Prairie

Little House on the Prairie is great. So there’s this family and they wanted to move to a different country in Indian land. They moved there and one day on the newspaper report it said that the army is coming to take away the white people to a different country. There were war cries. Mary had a red dress and Laura had a blue dress. Mary and Laura ate their corn cakes for lunch. There’s their mom and their dad and they ride in a wagon and they build a house and they make a bed and they make a rocking chair for Baby Carrie.

I think other kids should read it because it’s great.

Danny the Champion of the World Book Review

danny the champion of the world buy from amazonDanny the Champion of the World is great. I like that he learns how to catch pheasants. I got Danny the Champion of the World at the library. I really liked Danny the Champion of the world. I like it because his father was so nice in the book.

I’ll go for ten out of ten stars.