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The Chicken In The Snow

child-drawn comic about a backyard chicken


Lil Making Cherry Pictures and Jam

cherry picturesI love making cherry pictures. They’re my favorite.

First we grab a cherry pitter. Then we hold it over different pieces of paper. Then we squeezed the pitter and then it makes cherry juice.

My first all berry jam was the best jam and the first jam I’ve ever made.

The berries that were in it they were currant, blackberries, and raspberries. And there was sugar and pectin.

That’s the end of our story.

Lillian’s Picture

This is the picture about a bee that had a flower that it liked to gather pollen.  One day the flower got the pollen off and the pollen blew and the bee tried to save the flower but the flower just blew so the bee planted another flower that’s strong and can’t blow its petals or its pollen off the stem.

love lil

Dinosaur Dot Com

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