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How I Harvest Hickory Nuts

hickory tree

This is how you harvest hickory nuts. You have to a hickory nut tree. The bark is jaggedy and there are many lobed leaves on each branch.

ripe hickory nut

This is how you know the nuts are ripe: it has to be brown and also green. When it’s hickory nut season you let them fall down and pick them up off the ground.

Lil using bench vice

You have to have a vice to crack them. It’s hard to crack the shell open. Squirrels crack the shells open with their teeth.

After the squirrels drop the nuts, they can hit the roof of the garage or the ground. It gets the ground kind of messy so watch out for that.

inside of hickory nut

The meat is ripe when it is light brown. It tastes kind of like pecans. I usually eat them raw.

hickory nut meat

I like doing hickory nuts because the inside is yummy.

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Little House on the Prairie

Little House on the Prairie is great. So there’s this family and they wanted to move to a different country in Indian land. They moved there and one day on the newspaper report it said that the army is coming to take away the white people to a different country. There were war cries. Mary had a red dress and Laura had a blue dress. Mary and Laura ate their corn cakes for lunch. There’s their mom and their dad and they ride in a wagon and they build a house and they make a bed and they make a rocking chair for Baby Carrie.

I think other kids should read it because it’s great.

Lil’s Math Flashcards

child making flashcardsMama printed them out and we cutted them and I use them to do math. And I do the pluses or minuses. Like eight take away five is three.

Lil’s Number Line

homemade number line

First thing of our number line, we put a line and then we put little dots and then we put numbers and then we use it for doing math better. To put your finger on the one and then go up to ten and then you have eleven.

We do take away. Like put your finger on five and then go down one and you have four. Five take away one is four.

My Chickens

Lil’s Canada Trip

We’re gonna roast marshmallows and I’m gonna bring my baby.

Lillian’s Picture

This is the picture about a bee that had a flower that it liked to gather pollen.  One day the flower got the pollen off and the pollen blew and the bee tried to save the flower but the flower just blew so the bee planted another flower that’s strong and can’t blow its petals or its pollen off the stem.

love lil

Dinosaur Dot Com

Your activity is fun.

Everybody Do It Your Same Way