About Lil

halloween 2011

I am six. I like to spend time with my family and I like to do arts and crafts with my Gram Deb.

Hawise is my dog. She likes to play and cuddle with me a lot.

Devie is my other bigger dog. She is ten. She likes to spend time on the couch. And I can’t even sit there because Devie takes up all the space.

I’m homeschooled. We do math, we play, we have play dates, I get to do whatever I want and I do writing.

Mama does a lot of baking and we tried out snow cream and it tastes delicious. Mama has a blog too and lots of people look at her blog.

Papa likes to bake bread and play with me and cuddle with me and read stories to me. Papa doesn’t have a blog.

I live in Columbus, Ohio.

Note from Rachel, aka Lil’s Mama: Lillian choses the pictures, videos, words, and design of this blog. I am only the typist and comment moderator.

  1. Lil, I loved your story and your whole blog! Thanks for sharing with us,
    p.s. Katie would love to have a playdate with you soon

  2. Wonderful blog Lil, keep up the great work!

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