The Squirrel Parts

squirrel parts illustrationHow we saw the inside of the squirrel is that Papa hunted a squirrel. We took apart the body. I was grossed out a little. I touched it with gloves. It had humungous teeth. We were also surprised in it because it had a lot of fat in it. It had fat all around the kidneys.

And Papa cut open the liver and the heart and the stomach. It had stored seeds in its belly for the winter I think.

We kept the meat to eat.

I wrote this picture because I was just really interested in the squirrel.


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  1. WOW Lil- You really looked carefully at all the parts. Maybe we could do a frog someday- I did one with your Dad one time. Gram

  2. Hi Lil,
    You did a really good job of drawing and labeling all of the parts.
    You fan!

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